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Dialogue Series  - session 8 Talking interoperability: Brazil

How to get involved? 

If you wish to participate, send an email to or
follow the Convergence Initiative’s journey online and on social media.

What is the challenge at hand?

Despite widespread recognition of the benefits that digital solutions can unleash, countries are struggling to fully realise them.
Even though social protection programme follow a common set of processes, fragmented social protection information systems are unable to communicate with other systems. This lack of harmonisation and interoperability not only impacts on social protection outcomes, but also leads to wasted public expenditure.
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What does the Initiative seek to achieve?


Consensus based standards and
guidelines are key to advancing
the meaningful exchange of data.

They have the potential to:

  • Foster an ecosystem for innovation by technology solution providers to build products that are interoperable, based on globally agreed standards and guidelines.
  • Reduce the time and cost of developing solutions at the country or programme level.
  • Design systems that are prepared for future demands, beyond the current level of maturity of policy and information systems.
  • Enable countries and programs to mix and match interoperable pieces from various vendors.
The planning for the Initiative started in 2019 and the official kick-off took place in September 2021.

What is the structure of the Initiative?

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What can participants contribute?

True convergence needs meaningful dialogue and collaboration among diverse stakeholders. The Initiative’s approach involves setting up a range of working groups to define standards, consolidating existing efforts across institutions and countries.
Following four working groups are currently active:
  • principles,
  • process standards
  • data standards, and
  • technical standards.

    Participants can contribute by:

  • sharing existing materials,
  • reviewing the outputs of working groups,
  • joining focus group discussions and engagement workshops,
  • drafting standards and guidelines alongside facilitators.


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