Dialogue Series: Session 1 – Karnataka State, India – Kutumba

15 March 2022

The Digital Convergence Initiative (DCI) is delighted to present you the inaugural session of the dialogue series, Talking Interoperability, focused on Karnataka State, India.

The session is a deep dive into the architecture of Kutumba, an Integrated Social Information System that facilitates seamless data exchange across a range of systems (e.g. social registry, identification system, beneficiary registries, integrated beneficiary registry, payment platform, grievance redressal system) to deliver social protection most effectively.


Rajiv Chawla -  Chief Knowledge Officer and Advisor, National Farmers’ Welfare Implementation Society & Former Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka

Annapurna K - Project Director, Centre for e-Governance, Government of Karnataka

Raul Ruggia-Frick - Director, Social Security Development Branch, International Social SecurityAssociation

Rodrigo Assumpção - Social Protection Management Information Systems Specialist, International Labour Organization

Anita Mittal - Senior Advisor, Digital Convergence Initiative, GIZ

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